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virtual escape room

Escape room online full of secret agents and fast-paced action!

Adventure with adrenaline

– explore and discover new spaces in the action-packed escape room online! Just like in stationary escape rooms, more than one space awaits you in our virtual escape room. How many? More than you expect 😉

Exciting and engaging riddles

– like real agents, you will combine facts, infiltrate the surroundings, find solutions brilliantly, disarm bombs and break codes!

You live the adventure together

– as Team members you are connected through our system, so that you can see each other’s cursors (mouse movements) and actions in real time. Thanks to that, you work together and cooperate in an virtual escape room, just like in a traditional escape room.

Get connected, even if you're far away from each other

– our virtual escape room integrates with the online Zoom meeting so you can see and hear each other. You can also use other messengers such as Skype, Google Meet, Messenger, or simply – your phone.

Remote „inventory” provided

– in escape room online you have an overview of all the items you collect during your adventure. Additionally, when you no longer need them, they will simply disappear. All this to be clear and easy to see what else needs to be done.

Difficulty level?

Intermediate – it will keep you busy 😊 But don’t worry about getting stuck. Hints are built into the virtual escape room and the Game Master is on the watch 😊


Inspired by: stories of secret agents 😉
We are W.I.S.E.: an independent, international, intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the World from danger.

A few months ago, three scientists from a research facility at Spider Tech went missing.  The incident has been covered up. We believe that the missing-persons are connected to what Spider Techn calls internally THE XD PROJECT. We don’t know exactly what it is, but Chameleon’s (our double agent) report indicates it must be something very dangerous.

virtual escape room
virtual escape room
virtual escape room

To learn more, we have chosen you as our top agents. You and your Team of Field Agents have the following mission to complete:

Examine the building complex and get the secret plans for the XD Project.

Be careful, don’t trust anyone and good luck. Over and Out.

virtual escape room
virtual escape room



Wherever your colleagues are and wherever your company is 😊 A virtual escape room is an online integration event.

Number of participants:

from 2-102 people * and more on request


throughout the year

Duration of game:

from 30-75 min. (according to preferences)


*on request: French, German, Spanish …

Services included in the package:

  • Escape Room Online game
  • team cooperation
    concept and organization
  • hotline while playing
  • Game Master available throughout the game
  • smaller or larger Teams on request
  • possibility to play in several or even a dozen Teams at the same time
  • time counted individually for each Team
  • Invoice, bank transfer or card payment (online), including AMEX
  • possibility of additional amenities (personalized puzzle, company logo, etc.)
  • technical support during the game
  • advice and consultation in the selection of games
  • anything  you need – let us know 🙂


from 49 PLN/person + 100 PLN once (activation)

The prices given are net prices

* extra paid options

We are helping

By ordering the game from us, you provide food for pupils for a shelter in Krakow.


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What do I need to play the virtual escape room?
A computer with access to a stable Internet. You will receive a link from us, thanks to which you will enter the virtual escape room.
In what languages is the escape room online available?
You can play our escape game online in Polish or English.
Is the escape game online played for time? What happens when time runs out?
Yes, our virtual escape room is game time. But, if you don’t make it in time, you can get a few extra minutes.

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